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Steamboat Girls Lacrosse

2019 Spring Honey Stinger Fundraiser


Honey Stinger, is generously offering us a fundraiser designed to help families cover the cost of our new uniforms AND to help raise funds for the soccer club. Donations and Fundraisers are essential to our club.  What we raise helps purchase equipment, camp coaches, scholarships, etc.  Email for an order form


  1. For each box of organic energy chews, snack bars, or waffles sold, the player selling the items will receive a $10 refund toward the cost of your uniform up to the total amount spent on uniform purchases. If you sell enough boxes, your uniform is free! Anything above that is donated to the club. 
  2. Please collect payment at the time of the sale
  3. All orders need to be turned into __________ by _______.  
  4. We will contact you when the product arrives and then you will be responsible for delivering it to the person who purchased the items.
    1. Donation options: Raise money to pay for your child’s uniform and the clonate all of your sales to sponsor a scholarship child and the club